Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

We have had a very busy weekend. I hope to post pictures of Michael's birthday party later this week.

Today, we would like to wish a very Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful men in our life.

Napping with Baba

Making "Scrunchy" Faces with Papa

Playing with Grandpa

Hanging out with Papaw

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The National Zoo (Washington, D.C.)

We took a trip to Washington, D.C. this weekend. We drove up on Friday. When we got to the hotel, we checked in and then went to a little diner for dinner. Afterwards, we went to the pool. It was a lot of fun. We decided to leave when the 50 teenagers started pouring in.

On Saturday, we met Jonathan, Jennifer, and Elijah at the National Zoo. We all had a lot of fun. The boys (ages almost 3, almost 5, and getting close to 9) had a great time together. Joseph and Michael had never met Elijah, but you would have never guessed it. They had so much fun together! Michael received and early birthday present. It was a bulldozer. (He loved it! He has hardly put it down since he got it.)

The day passed by quickly. After our time at the zoo was over, we all headed to the Metro. We were headed the same way. We had to depart the train before Jonathan, Jennifer, and Elijah, so we said our goodbyes and headed to our hotel. We ordered pizza in and then went swimming.

On Sunday, we slept in. (Michael slept until 8:30!!) Then, we packed our bags, went to breakfast, and headed home. It was a wonderful much needed weekend away.

Below are pictures from the trip.