Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sending a Package

We do not have much to report. We are just in sit and wait mode. We hope to hear something soon. For now, we are keeping busy working on the house and getting things ready for Michael.

Above is the care package we put together for Michael. It includes a letter, a photo album, a couple of outfits, two disposable cameras, a stuffed frog, a blanket, some candy, some snacks and a toy car. We hope to send it very soon. We are very appreciative to Peiling our Minister of Music at church. She translated the letter that we are going to include in our package. Thank you Peiling!


kathleen m. said...

Michael is precious!! For some reason, I can see him and the little kitty becoming best buddies!

Anonymous said...

We have a daughter adopted last year from Taiyuan, Shanxi province.My oldest daughter blogged about our trip (and has continued since we returned home). There is a Shanxi parents Yahoogroup if you have not joined yet.Feel free to email us with any questions about travel etc. Congartulations on your son!Cheryl Davidson

Stacy said...

Your son is beautiful, with bright bright eyes!! Our SN daughter is also from Shanxi. She's in Yuncheng City which is on the southwest border/corner of the province. Maybe we'll travel together?? We are already LOI and PA, but needed to redo our dossier so we should be DTC this week. Expected LOA by 7/1 with travel around 8/15? Love your website ~ would love to chat.