Thursday, June 26, 2008

Travel, visas, and more

Yesterday, we received our passports back from the Embassy of China. They had our visas affixed to them. We are now approved to enter China.

Today, we ended up making a slight change to our travel plans. We will be flying to China on Sunday July 6th. This is one day earlier than we had first planned. We will have an extra free day in Beijing before we meet our travel group. While we are in Beijing by ourselves, we plan to visit the Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, the Olympic park, and a few other place. We cannot wait to explore Beijing!

I have to admit that packing for this trip has been a little stressful. Finally, after our fifth try, we have three bags packed that all weigh under 50 lbs. I had talked to an agent at United Airlines today and asked what the overweight fee was for our flights. I almost needed CPR when he told me it would be $300 per bag over 50 lbs.! In China we will more than likely have to pay a small fee for extra or overweight bags, but they are not that high.

Our countdown has changed a little since we are leaving earlier. We now have 10 days to go!

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