Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Michael!

Today is Michael's 2nd birthday. We sent another cake to the orphanage for Michael's special day. It is night time now in China. We hope that Michael had a good day and enjoyed having cake with his friends. It is a little hard not being with him today. However, we leave in 5 days and are so happy that today will be Michael's last birthday without a family.


gamma said...

I wish we could have been with him to teach him to blow out his candles..however, we can celebrate many times over when he gets home!!!
Love and kisses,

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEET MICHAEL!!! I am praying today for you and your parents! You are such an amazing gift--I can't wait to celebrate your birthday really soon--you will have so much fun with your mommy and daddy--I can picture it already! I hope you LOVE cake!!! It's really OK to eat the frosting first.

Felice...I pray for peace for you today and a sweet, sweet joy that will just outshine any sort of sadness. You will be with Michael SO SOON--12 days and he'll be in your arms and he will be there forever. You will have many, MANY birthdays to celebrate with your sweet boy--thank you for sharing him with us!

Have a blessed day today--you are on my heart and in my prayers!