Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Beach Trip

We left the house yesterday morning bright and early to head to the beach for a week. After a short stop at Bill's uncle Rodger and aunt Hope's house, we were on our way. Michael did very well on the trip. He slept 2 hours and was awake and happy the rest of the time.
We went to the beach this morning and stayed there until Michael's nap time. He did not care for the waves, the water, or the sand. He loved playing in his beach cabana. He also enjoyed playing with his toys in the sand, but would not move anywhere. He stayed in the exact spot we put him down.
Here are some pictures from the past two days:

Here Mama. Have a cookie.

Just kidding. I will eat it for you.

First Time at the Beach

Ready to Ride

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Gamma said...

I can not quit coming back to look at these pictures! They are so good! Everytime I look at him offering you a cookie my heart melts! Michael is such a sweetheart!
He seems to be filled with such wonder, amazement, & joy at each new thing, and experience (..well, I hear the shock of the lemonade turned to joy with the second sip!)
I wish we could be there all the time and witness each new discovery first hand, since we can't, this blog is wonderful..we look forward to each new posting! Hope you are having lots of fun on your vacation!We love you all & can't wait to see you again! Gamma