Thursday, August 21, 2008

For Papaw

You know that you have waited way to long to post pictures or an update to your blog when Papaw says that you need to get on the ball and post more pictures. Other people have also been asking about new pictures. Here is the update with more photos of our little emperor.

We have had a good week. We did not have any appointments with doctors this week. This was very nice for both me and Michael. The surgeon has scheduled Michael's surgery to repair his palate for September 18. They will also put tubes in his ears at that time. He will stay in the hospital overnight and will come home on the 19th.

Michael is trying a few more foods here and there. Most of it ends up on him or on the floor. He has actually eaten (and not spit out) a little apple sauce, a few green peas, a couple of goldfish crackers, a few pieces of cereal, and a little bit of Alfredo sauce. He likes to lick popsicles and thinks it is funny because they are so cold. Sometimes, we take the tactic of smearing something on his lips to get him to taste it, but you have to be very stealthy to do this. A couple of the pictures are of him eating. If you look closely at the one with apple sauce, you can see it above and under his right eye, on top of his head, etc.

The other pictures are from the last week. We bought him a couch of his own with the Backyardigans on it. The pictures do not do justice the look on his face and the happiness that he expressed when he saw it. Also, Gamma and I took him to the park and to one of the malls that has a fountain that the kids can play in. He wasn't quite sure about it at first, but seemed to enjoy it after Gamma got her feet wet with him.


Gennifer Baker (Alabama) said...

He is SO handsome! It is exciting to see Michael so happy and smiling. Love those new pics - way to go Papaw for getting Felice motivated!

Darla said...

Cute! More pix to share with Sarah. She's always happy to see pix of her little brothers & sisters. :)