Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gamma rattles on...

The week of Sept. 28 th Felice had to return to work...half days the first given the excuse that Michael's surgeon had not yet released him to start to Day Care the Gamma asked the Papa if he thought he could do his own cooking,washing & cleaning and oh, by the way could he also tend to the cats for around 2 weeks... Papa agreed that the Gamma could venture south, back into the land of warmth, for awhile and take on the ever so big burden of tending ( hugging, kissing, feeding, rocking, dancing with, hiding with, laughing with, & plain just loving on) Michael..YEAH!!! So , the bags were packed, the puppy bed loaded up..and Gamma and Chloe headed south, across Mass.,Conn, through NYC, across the New Jersey Turnpike, across the Delaware River bridge..(makes you wonder why George Washington stood in that tiny boat ) ,through the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel, though our great capital..Washington, D.C. and finally into Virginia...all just to get to Michael!

Started out Mama (a.k.a.Felice) was still a little sick and had to return to the doctor for her own follow up on Monday..she had blood drawn and was on the receiving end of yet another shot of antibiotics...Bless her heart! We accompanied her to lend our moral support..Michael and I did a very good job...we looked at everything in their office..(almost) touched most of it and played demolition derby with a mayo stand and the walls of the exam room..when that seemed to be getting on Mamas nerve..we decided that the roll of paper under the bed..(stretcher) would make great art paper and worked on our penmanship for a short time...

Tuesday, Mama went back to work and after breakfast, a short round of "Sesame Street" ,Michael and Gamma went to the church and played on the playground...Michael loves to swing!

Thursday, "Mama" and I accompanied Michael to see Dr. Rhodes, @ VCU, for his post-op follow up..She was very tickled with our young gentleman ,as was everyone that he shared his winning smile with.Michael was given the "go ahead" to eat whatever he wants..and permission to start attending "school", if we could just get him to "want" more than his bottle and BANANA PUDDING....(just between you and me...I think he could be very close to turning into a "banana pudding cup"! Ha!!)

For a family outing Baba (a.k.a. Bill), Mama , Michael and I went to the "Chesterfield Berry Farm" ..There were all kind of things for the children to play on..Michael's favorite turned out to be a long train compiled of 50 gal. drums turned sideways, with wheels attached and hooked behind a tractor...he rode this 2 times..I believe he would have stayed all day , given the chance..most of the other things like the "bouncy" rooms..where not to his liking at this time..he will more than likely enjoy them next year...They had animals to look at and feed..he liked the rabbits ..however the big old tom turkey caused him some concern he was watching it very closely when it picked the most opportune time to let loose with a very LOUD "gobble,gobble"..Michael, swiftly became his mamas third leg, no, old Tom was definitely not a favorite.... A large sippy cup of pumpkin milk shake seemed to smooth over any traumatic turkey business..

Young Joseph comes over to play and it tickles Michael to death! He loves playing cars and ball with him!! What a neat guy to have as a Big cousin and just next door!

With his doctors say so Monday morning Michael was up,dressed and fed before the crack of dawn! And off for his first day at school!..I was young fellow to kiss on and sing to..however, the Gamma had instructions to check him out at 10:00..(hey, that's long enough for anybody on their first day!) It was reported that Michael had fun playing with the other children..but wanted nothing to do with their food...actually threw some rice at his teacher..(don't worry each day has gotten better)I picked him up & off we went to visit Aunt Carrie in Charlottesville on her day off..What a day we had!! First to the apple orchard ..where a wagon ride was had..and a sippy cup of apple cider slushy! YUM! Then to the "swirly" park ,afterwards to eat at the "Nook"..4 little slivers of carrot , 2 tiny nibbles of grilled cheese and maybe a bite of french fries..and a whole sippy cup of milk...he was a very big flirt with his Aunt Carrie... blowing kisses and waving...We had a wonderful time! Thanks Aunt Carrie!

School came around again the next day and each day he has stayed longer and is doing better... he has found out he also likes graham crackers..and there has been no more food throwing...that we know of..His Cousin Maggie works at his school and has helped keep a check on him..he tries to leave with her....he even takes his nap on a mat without bars..imagine that!

Papa is flying in to spend the week-end . Sunday, Chloe , the Gamma and the Papa will return to the "shire" and watch the blog and listen out for the web cam and telephone in case the "little emperor wishes to call..

I guess this old Gamma has rattled way to long and now for the pictures....I hope you enjoy them 1/2 as much as I do...I could not decide which ones to leave I put most of them in...

Oh, Boy..Banana Pudding!!!

Gamma & Aunt Mary say I am a true southerner.. 'cause I "LOVE" banana pudding

Aawh..all gone...

Chesterfield Berry Farm

A big red bucket with a seat belt...?
I have a steering wheel..
It's a train!!! This train driving is very "serious business" I like trains!!! Look...Baba..they have animals!
"My Buddy...My Baba"

I love it when Joseph comes over to play!!

Who is cute in their Elmo house shoes?
I like playing crash cars with Joseph
It makes me laugh & laugh!!

When the air is crisp and the leaves are just starting to can smell the faint smell of a neighbors grill...and in the afternoon just before the sun goes down..Baba & Uncle Joe get home from work, Joseph joins them in the yard and I don't think my Mama can get my shoes on me fast enough because I can tell our male minds , young and old, are in tune with one another...and just like a urgent whisper in our ears we can all hear the thought...


I am playing with the big boys now! Touchdown!! And football would not be complete without
the Saturday SEC games on t.v.
The Crimson Tide rolling over the Georgia Bulldogs..
And Gamma dresses me to root for
The Auburn Tigers!!! A growing boy needs a good breakfast
before his first day of school... "Hey, Mama did you realize its still dark out here?"

"What do you mean?
I have to hang up my coat and you are leaving!"

Aunt Carrie
& the "swirly park"
now thats fun!

Aunt Carrie and Gamma
took me to the apple orchard
by Monticello I really liked the wagon!! "Bye now!"


Aunt Carrie said...

Hooray for Gamma!!

Gayle said...

I love, love, love the photos!!! Michael is amazing! I miss you, Felice!


Gennifer Baker (Alabama) said...

Oh, orange and blue...see it didn't hurt him after all. Thanks Gamma! Now Aunt Carrie...get to working with him on the "War Eagle" cause I wanna hear him say it when they get to Alabama for Thanksgiving! Love you guys!