Sunday, October 26, 2008

There isn't a whole lot to update you with. I have started back to work full time and Michael is in day care. He seems to really like it. His teachers are very happy with how fast he has caught on to everything. He is also getting used to me dropping him off in the morning. This week he didn't cry and he waved good bye when I left. One day, he even pointed his finger towards the door as to say, "You go now!"

Last weekend, Michael and I both had colds so we stayed inside most of the time. Bill now is recovering from the same stuff we had. Yesterday, we had pajama day and didn't leave the house. We watched a lot of football. I am very happy that my team is still undefeated! Roll Tide Roll!

We are in the process of weaning Michael from the bottle. He has started to self feed using a spoon. Since he had his surgery, he has learned how to suck. He had no suction before because of his cleft. Now, he is able to use a regular sippy cup. He has started to eat more solid foods and is more open to trying new foods. I think day care has really helped Michael with these things.

I am posting a few pictures. They are of him just after church today and the others are of him eating mashed potatoes. As you can tell, he loves them!

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Don and Be said...

Lookin' quite sporty there, Michael!