Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Family, Tours, & Easter

We had a busy, but good week last week. Gamma drove from New Hampshire on Monday. On Tuesday, Michael went to school. Then, I took him to get tested for allergies. We thought that some of his stuffiness might be seasonal allergies, but were wrong. They tested him for allergies to pollens, dust, foods, and animals. Thankfully, he is not allergic to anything. On Wednesday, Michael went with Gamma to visit Aunt Carrie in Charlottesville.

At the end of the week, the rest of our family arrived from out of town. Midday on Thursday, I picked Papa up from the airport. On Friday, Mamaw & Papaw Ryan arrived at the house midday.

Bill, Papa, Joe, and Big Bill went to play golf on Friday. After Papaw and Mamaw arrived, we (Gamma, Michael, Joseph, Papaw, Mamaw, and myself) all loaded into the van for a driving tour of Richmond. After our tour, we went to lunch and then returned home.

On Saturday, we loaded into the two vans and headed to Washington, D.C. We parked in Springfield and rode the Metro into DC. While in DC, we went to the National Air & Space Museum. I think Papaw really enjoyed it. It was very crowded though. After a while, Michael started raising his voice and telling all the people to "O AWAY!!" I really didn't blame him. After the museum, we hopped on a trolley and toured the rest of DC. We had lunch in Union Station before heading back to the Metro and home.

On Sunday morning, Michael found an Easter basket that was left by the Easter "RABBIT!" He enjoyed reading his new book with Papa. However, he really didn't care for the candy. We all got ready and headed to Charlottesville to have brunch with Carrie and Patrick. Michael was really excited to see Aunt Carrie again. When I asked him if he wanted to go see her, he said "YAY!!!!!" We waited for our table for a bit and tried to occupy Michael. There were 9 of us so it took just a little while for them to get our table ready. However, the wait was worth it. The food was very good. After brunch, we headed back to Carrie's where we all went our separate ways. Mamaw & Papaw started on their trip back to Alabama. Bill, Michael, and I came home. Gamma and Papa stayed in Charlottesville and left the next morning to drive back to New Hampshire.

We had a very good visit with everyone. However, the time together always seems so short. We miss them all already.

Here are some pictures of our time with everyone:


Gennifer Baker (Alabama) said...

Great update! The pics with Gamma in the kitchen are fabulous and its so good to see everyone having a great time!!! Miss you guys...

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Sounds like you've had some busy, blessed, fun!

Don and Be said...

Sounds like a lot .... but it's great when a plan comes together.