Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Silly Boy!

The past couple of weeks have been full of work, daycare, errands, church and more. The weather has been crazy here. It is in the 70s one day and freezing the next. As soon as we are almost dried out from days of rain, it starts pouring again. We are ready for warm, sunny days.

Michael's little personality is starting to develop more and more. He is the silliest, cutest, smartest little boy we know. (We are not at all biased. Can you tell?) He does things just to make people laugh. He makes the silliest faces. He just starts laughing for no reason at all, which makes us laugh in return. He surprises us everyday with the new things he can do and say. His vocabulary is growing every day. He is also starting to say more phrases. I am not sure what this says about us. However, he calls every store we go in "walllll marrrrr." That is Michael for Walmart.

The best thing we have seen over the past couple of months is that he is starting to form stronger relationships and bonds with other family members and friends. He has always enjoyed being around certain people, but now you can just see his eyes light up when he sees them. He is always asking to call Gamma & Papa on the "computer phone" via Skype. He loves looking at pictures and repeating everyone's names. He gets a huge smile on his face when he sees his Aunt "Arweeeee" (Carrie) in the pictures and in person. He loves his Grandpa, Uncle "Wo" (Joe), and "Wo Wo" (Joseph). He jumps into Grandpa's arms. He wanted "Wo" to rock him to sleep the other night. He loves playing with Joseph. He runs to Uncle David when he sees him to get a hug and he always has to find "Ronnnnnnnnn" at church. He adores his teachers at daycare. I could go on and on.

Next week will be very busy. We have visitors coming from the south and from the north. Gamma is driving from New Hampshire on Monday. Then, Papa is flying in on Thursday. On Friday, Mamaw and Papaw Ryan will arrive from Alabama. We are looking forward to seeing and spending time with everyone. This will be Michael's first Easter. We are excited that he will get to spend it with a lot of our family. We plan on going to see Aunt Carrie on Easter Sunday.

Below are some pictures from last couple of weeks.

Licking the Bowl After Making Cupcakes
Michael got very mad at Mama, because she put them in the oven.

This is Serious Business

It was 70 degrees outside and Michael decided to put on his winter hat.
Can you tell he put it on himself?

Our Fashionable Trend Setter
Wearing Your Hat Backwards and Crooked - New Spring Fashion for '09

Sunday Afternoon Nap


Rock & Roll!!!!


Don and Be said...

You're a wild man!

Gennifer Baker (Alabama) said...

Oh my goodness, the next time he comes to AL I'm expecting a full blown out guitar concert!!