Friday, July 11, 2008

Birthday, orientation, and more

Last night, we went to see "The Legend of Kung Fu" at the Red Theatre. It was an amazing show. They did not allow photography, so we do not have any new pictures to post.

I have been a little under the weather with a temperature for the past 24 hours. I emailed the doctor at the international adoption clinic and she told me to start taking the antibiotic that I brought with us. I need to make sure to stay healthy and not give anything to either Bill or Michael.

Also, today is my 33rd birthday. I think it will be one that I never forget. In 3 days, Bill and I will be first time parents. It is amazing to think how long we have waited and that it will soon be a reality.

We had our orientation this morning and met the rest of our travel group. Everyone is so nice. We got to meet the Swanson's and the Robertson's. They will be with us the entire trip. We have all hit it off wonderfully. We are glad that we are not traveling alone to Shanxi.

Tonight, we will be going to an acrobatic show and then to a late dinner. Tomorrow, we head off to the Great Wall and the Cloisonne Factory. Hopefully, we will have more pictures to post then.

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