Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!

A few minutes ago our doorbell rang. Yes, our hotel room has a doorbell. A very nice lady who works for the hotel walked in with a birthday cake. At this point, it is a mystery as to who sent it. However, I would like to say thank you!


Karen said...

Happy Birthday to you Felice!!! Dee and I were just chatting about you being in China this week! Wow, only 3 more days - so exciting!!!!! What a great birthday gift!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Felice! What an awesome birthday you must be having! Just just 3 days you'll be holding YOUR child! Wow!!! goosebumps!

Enjoy the acrobat show, it's awesome. We regret NOT buying their video to bring home so keep that in your head as to whether you want it or not.

Can't wait to read more about your journey!

Liz (bethany board friend)

Jen said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you're having an amazing trip! We've only been home a day and a seem surreal that we're home with this sweet girl! I can't wait to see pictures of you guys with Michael! It won't be much longer....

Anonymous said...

Hi, Felice and Bill!
I've been out of town, away from internet for the last week, and so I'm just getting caught up on your journey! Happy Birthday!

I'm loving looking at the pictures and living vicariously through you. Can't wait to see pictures of the WHOLE family!


Jenkins family
J, J, and E

Cindi and David said...

Happy Birthday!! Wonder who sent you that beautiful cake. It's almost too pretty to eat. Hope you will be feeling better. Make sure you aren't eating ice cubes with your drinks and use hand sanitizer. Sorry, the mother coming out in me.

Cindi Kildoo

Vicky said...

Happy Birthday!!!
When we were in China in Oct. it was my birthday and I got a cake delivered to the room too. I think it's the Hotel. My cake was beautiful too. Enjoy.
Have a wonderful time.