Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Week 1

We have been home one week. I am sorry that we haven't posted a real update until now, but our internet was out until today.
We returned home on July 23rd. It took us over 30 hours in airports and on 3 airplanes to get to Richmond. Michael did well. He slept 9 hours on the plane from Beijing to Chicago. We spent those 9 hours keeping the wiggle worm from falling off the seats. It took us approximately 2 hours to get through Immigration and Customs in Chicago. We made it onto our Richmond bound plane with about 5 minutes to spare. We were bound and determined to make that flight. When we arrived in Richmond, we found out that we made the flight, but our luggage did not. United would have to deliver it to our house the next day. We thought they meant at a reasonable hour the next morning. They called us from our driveway at 4 a.m. to tell us they were delivering our bags. At least, all of the bags showed up and were not damaged.

We are all doing well and are pretty much over the jet lag and time difference. Michael is sleeping about 11 hours a night. He still will only take the bottle. We have been mixing his formula with rice cereal and baby food. We also found liquid vitamins that we can put in with his food, so that we know he is getting all the nutrients he needs.
Since we have been home, he has met many of his new family members. He loves to play with them all. He is such a smart, sweet, and loving boy. He has such a great sense of humor and keeps us laughing all day long.
Here are a few pictures from the last week:

2/3 of our welcoming committee

(Mom is taking the picture)

No more airplanes!!! YAY!

Can you tell I am glad to be home??

Exploring his room

"Riding the Horsie"

Learning to Color with Aunt Carrie

Meeting Chloe

Reading the Menu

Deciding to stick with the bottle

First successful (tearless) bath time!

Just hanging out

Our future golfer



What a darling and handsome little boy. He looks so happy. I know you are glad to be home. I love all of the pictures.

Gennifer Baker (Alabama) said...

Glad you all mede it home safe! I love the pic of Michael and Chloe, too funny. Keep posting those pictures, I love to see his smile! Take care and tell everyone hello.

Leah said...

I'm so glad you all are home safe and sound! I know you are relieved to be :} I have to tell you that everytime I checked in on you guys Emma always wanted to see pics of her friend Michael. Maybe one day the two will meet. Enjoy being mom and dad. And congratulations!! Leah Donnie and Emma

Darla G. said...

Hi Felice! So happy for you guys. Now that we're back from vacation, I'll try to remember to show Sarah the pix. I'm sure she'll be happy to know he's finally here. Looks like he's adjusting really well.

Blessings to you!!!

A Momma in Waiting... said...

What a beautiful baby boy! Welcome Home! Terry

Chris said...

He's just awesome! Congrats again guys.