Thursday, July 17, 2008

Last Day in Taiyuan

Today was our last full day in Taiyuan. We toured the Double Pagoda Temple and found out that we will tour the Shanxi provincial museum tomorrow before we fly to Guangzhou.

I found the Double Pagoda Temple to be a contrast to the rest of Taiyuan. Taiyuan is a very polluted and crowded city. Here in the middle of this city the temple and the land that surrounds it. It was built in 1608 in the Ming Dynasty. Even though it was drizzling, it was very beautiful.

After returning to the hotel, we put Michael down for a nap. He slept about 2 1/2 hours, which meant he didn't go down for his afternoon nap. He did very well considering he was very tired this evening. He has really started to show his personality today. He giggled and threw the ball. He climbed around on the bed and played in the floor. He took Bill for a walk up and down the hall. He is such a sweet, smart, and silly boy.

Our guide/translator Jerome met us this afternoon. He delivered all of the adoption paper work from the notary and Michael's passport. Now we can fly to our next destination.

We have been packing tonight. We have to check out of the hotel in the morning. After we go to the provincial museum, we will fly to Guangzhou. This is where we do the paperwork to get Michael's visa, so that he can enter the U.S. with us. Our flight time has changed a few times, so we are not sure exactly when we will get to Guangzhou. We also have a few busy days ahead of us. We may not post anything tomorrow, but will put something on here as soon as we can.

The pictures are from the park we went to yesterday and the temple today.

Looking across the lake at the park

The little emperor in his new stroller

He loves it and so do Baba's arms!

Fountain in the Park

Flowers in the park

Rocks in the park

Statue at the temple

Double Pagodas

Just past the entrance way

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