Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Free Day

Today was one of our free days. Our group went to the local Wal-mart Supercenter to get a few things we needed. Our number one item was a stroller to use until we get home. We were able to find one that was not too expensive. The Wal-mart here is much different than the ones at home. They have large appliances like refrigerators. They have many more small appliances. They have makeup counters like a large department store. Then, there was the meat market. There were some very interesting items laying out and hanging up, like chicken feet and other unknown things that you just had to guess at.

After Wal-mart, we came back to the hotel and it was nap time again. Michael takes a nap around 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Bill decided to put the stroller together while Michael was sleeping. That was an adventure in itself. The directions were written in Chinese and there were not many pictures. He finally figured it out on his own. When Michael woke up, we decided to try the stroller out and headed for the park. We prayed that Bill put it together right and that it didn't fall apart with Michael in it. Michael loves the stroller! He loves to get out of the hotel and just be outside. He is also a people watcher. He is very observant and just takes in everything.

The park was very nice. There were beautiful rock formations, a lake, an aquarium, flowers, and trees everywhere.

At the park, at Wal-mart, and pretty much any time we go out, we get stared at. We also have groups of people crowd around us. I think we have had about 10 or more people around us at a time. They look at Michael, look at us, and start speaking in Chinese. Michael's lip repair was done so well that they cannot tell that he has a cleft (especially when he has a bottle in his mouth) and wonder why we are walking around with him. Yesterday, we had a man dart up to us on the sidewalk from a sitting position. Bill thought that he was going to try to take Michael from him. It can be a little nerve wracking when you don't speak the language and are not sure what someone is saying. Fortunately, I have cards written in Chinese that explain we are adopting Michael and why. Everyone is very happy after they read the card. We did have a crowd come around us at the park today a few times. There was this one older gentleman who read our card. After he read it, he had a big smile on his face and said, "He call you mama and you baba." We nodded yes. As we walked away, he gave us a big thumbs up. Most people are just curious.

We head to the Double Pagoda Temple and the Shanxi provincial museum tomorrow.

I haven't had time to download the pictures today. I will try to post some tomorrow.


Jen said...

Hi Felice,
Glad you had another good day. I totally get what you mean about the looks & stares when you're out. It's worse in province, Guangzhou isn't as bad - especially if you stay at the Victory or the White Swan. There are so many adoptive families that stay on the island, I guess they're more used to it. But it does feel a little overwhelming, doesn't it?

It sounds like Michael is adjusting well. I hope things just continue to get better and better!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Oh my, Felice, looking at your pictures bring back memories! Michael is precious. My whole family wanted to know what the noise was when I was playing the "Laughing" video.

You might get used to the stares before you leave Taiyuan, but
enjoy every minute. I would be walking those streets today if I had the money. I loved just watching the people traffic throught the hotel window.

Wal-Mart...where I had to pay $27 for makeup that I would pay $15 for here in the states, and, yes there are some interesting things in the meat dept.

Can't wait to see more,

Darla said...

I've been busy getting ready for a birthday/slumber party, so haven't had time to check your updates until now. So much news I've missed the past 2 days! It's so nice to see pictures of you guys holding him! I will have to show Sarah tomorrow. Blessings!!!!!