Thursday, July 10, 2008

Slow Day

Today, we decided to hang out at the hotel and relax. The rest of our travel group will arrive this afternoon. We are headed to a Kung Fu show this evening, so we may not see them until tomorrow morning at orientation. Tomorrow we have orientation and go to an acrobatic show.

I decided to post a few random pictures of the past few days. One is of our room at the hotel. They told us they upgraded us to a suite. However, it is more like a regular hotel room in the U.S. The second one the view out our hotel window. You can see how much smog there is in Beijing. The third is of the national bird of China, the crane. We have seen this one all over Beijing. The fourth is of a building that just interested both of us. For everyone in the irrigation world, I am posting the fifth picture. It is a picture we took at the Summer Palace. We think it is the frame of what is going to be an elephant topiary. If you look very closely, there is drip tubing providing irrigation to it. The other pictures are just random pictures we took of everyday activities here in China.

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Anonymous said...

This is such an exciting time for you and I pray that your time will be wonderful especially when your holding your new little one! We were in China getting out daughter just 6 short months ago and I wish I was there again! I loved China and hope you do too!!!
Liz friend on Bethany Board