Friday, July 18, 2008

We are in Guangzhou

We had a full day today. Bill and I woke up around 6:30 a.m. Michael slept until around 7 a.m. He slept almost 11 hours last night. After making sure everything was packed, we headed down for breakfast. We checked out of our hotel around 9:30 a.m. and were on the bus at 10:00.

We headed to the Shanxi provincial museum where we spent about 90 minutes. Shanxi has the oldest history of any province in China. The museum was very interesting. We were surprised that Michael did so well. As long as he is being pushed around in his stroller, he is content.

After leaving the museum, we headed to the airport. Michael took his first airplane ride. He did very well considering that he missed his morning nap and only slept for 30 minutes on the plane until turbulence woke him up. When we arrived in Guangzhou, the hotel bus was waiting for us. We finally arrived at the hotel at 6:30 p.m.

After a trip to the 7-11 across the street, we headed to Lucy's for dinner and then back to the hotel. We finally got Michael to sleep. Now, it is bed time for us.

I will try to post more pictures tomorrow, if our schedule allows.

Oh.... there is one more thing. Michael said the first word we could understand today. It was "Mama." This surprised me because he is such a daddy's boy. Everyone on our bus headed toward the hotel heard him. We all clapped and made a big deal about it. He said it a second time. Then, that was it for the talking. He had more important things to do, like sightsee from the bus window. This little boy is such a people watcher.

Good night from the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou.


Jen said...

Don't little boys know exactly how to melt their mama's hearts?? Enjoy your time in stop is HOME!!


Anonymous said...

I love that his first word was "mama." I bet you do too!
Glad to see he seems to be doing so well. Elijah loves the video of Michael laughing. So cute!

Stay well and enjoy the remainder of your journey!

The Jenkins Family